Filming in the Field: Your Guide to Producing Stories that Inspire Action by Wesley Dean

Filming in the Field: Your Guide to Producing Stories that Inspire Action

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Producing your videos is very rewarding.  If are involved with telling stories for an organization and you enjoy playing around with a camera, this course is going to help you take your videos to the next level.  We have experience filming around the world and will share tips and tricks from helping you select which gear fits your budget to sharing how to get away with an overweight carryon full of camera equipment we will show you how to take your story telling skills to the next level.

What's included?

Video Icon 24 videos File Icon 2 files


Plan: Know Your Story
7-Step Guide to Planning a Smash-Hit Video v2.1.pdf
3.78 MB
7-Step Guide Walk Through
13 mins
Trip Dynamics
5 mins
Plan: Pick Your Gear
2.1 Brief Overview of DSLR
5 mins
2.2 Audio
5 mins
2.3 Tripods Drones and Extras
7 mins
2.4 Your Gear Budget Calculator
5 mins
Gear Budgeting Guide
43.8 KB
2.5 Renting vs Buying
3 mins
Plan: Know Your Gear
3.1 Exposure Intro and Shutter
3 mins
3.2 Aperture
2 mins
3.3 ISO/Gain
3 mins
3.4 White Balace-ND Filters
3 mins
Film: Before You Travel
4.1. Packing Tips
4 mins
4.2 Gear Checklist
3 mins
Film: Soak in Your Surroundings
5.1 Before You Dive In
2 mins
5.2 Preliminary Interviews
3 mins
5.3 Closeup, Medium, and Wide
1 min
5.4 Security Tips
4 mins
Film: Focus on Your Story
6.1 Filming an Interview
8 mins
6.2 Filming B Roll
2 mins
6.3 Film Like a Pro
2 mins
Edit: Where the Magic Happens
7.1 Backing Up Footage
3 mins
7.2 An Intro to Editing
9 mins
7.3 Licensing Music
3 mins
7.4 Exporting and Uploading
3 mins

We help purpose-driven organizations tell stories that inspire your audience to action.